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Using the Library

Get a Library Card

If you live in or own property within the eastern half of the Chadwick-Milledgeville School District, you and your family members are eligible for a library card at no additional cost to you. (You’ve paid for it in your property taxes.) These cards are valid for three years. If you live outside of the school district, you may purchase a library card for your entire family for $50 annually. Out of township cards are valid for one year, then must be renewed. When you come to the library for a card, bring proof of residence. This may be a current driver’s license, a utility bill from your residence, or a current lease. If you’d like to request a library card, you can fill out this form by clicking here. Our librarian will contact you with more information on how to get your library card.

Thanks to a recent amendment to Illinois state law, students from pre-kindergarten through 18 years of age can get a free library card regardless of where they live. If you’d like to get one of these cards for your child, just ask us for a Cards for Kids Act card.

Get our App!

We have an app you can use to order items, check the due dates of your items, and renew your items. Just go to your app store and search for Rock River Library Consortium. You’ll need to use your library barcode as your log-in ID and the last four digits of that same barcode as your PIN. If you need your barcode number and PIN, contact the library.

How to Renew

Bring your item to the library, call, or e-mail the library to renew your item. You can also renew the item yourself by logging into our online catalog or using our app. If you fail to return your item or items, your library privileges will be suspended until the items are either returned or until replacement fees are paid. Other local area libraries will also be notified that your card has been suspended.

Use the Internet

Users are limited to one hour of computer usage per day. Files saved to the desktop will be wiped. Our computers have USB ports for saving documents to a flash drive. Printing will cost $0.20 per page. Our internet is completely unfiltered. For this reason, children under age 11 are not allowed on the internet unless a parent or guardian is present. Any user under age 18 must have a signed parental release form on file with the library.

Connect to Wi-Fi

The Milledgeville Public Library offers free wireless internet access from anywhere within the building as well as from just outside in our parking lot or on the front lawn. Using wi-fi to get online is quick and simple. All you need is a wireless enabled device. Our wi-fi is open to all visitors free of charge and we require no password.

Borrow from Other Libraries

If there is a book or other item you are interested in, search our online catalog or call the library and we’ll see if we have it in our collection. If we don’t, you can search our Interlibrary Loan system to find your desired item. If you’re having difficulty finding it, contact us and we’ll search the entire state to find you your item. It may take up to two weeks for the item to arrive here at the library. Usually, you will then get two weeks with the item. Sometimes we are able to renew items, but not always.

Another way to borrow items from other libraries is through reciprocal borrowing. You may take your valid Milledgeville Public Library card to any area library and use it to check out items from their libraries. In Sterling, Dixon, and Rock Falls, your card is good as it is. In any other town, they may need to add another barcode to the back of the card. Their librarian may also call us to find out if you are in good standing at our library before they allow you to check anything out.

NOTE: If you fail to return reciprocal borrowing items to their home library, the Milledgeville Public Library may be charged the replacement costs for those items. As a result, you will lose privileges to the Milledgeville Public Library until we are reimbursed for the replacement costs.

Book Bundles

If you want books and/or movies, but don’t know what you want and don’t have time to come browse for yourself, we’ll pick some out for you! Just use one of these forms to request a book bundle today.
Adult & Teen book bundle form
Kids book bundle form
Picture Books & Early Readers book bundle form

Children and Teens

We encourage children and teens to come in to the library and explore, Use our books, play our games, and meet with friends for study sessions. However, the library is not an alternative to child care. If children or teens are not using the library properly, they will be asked to leave. Children under the age of 11 should have a parent or guardian with them when they visit the library.

Use the Building

The Library has meeting rooms available in the basement for use by local groups. Meetings held during library open hours are free of charge. Meetings held outside of library hours will be charged a nominal fee for rental of the space. Rooms must be left in the same clean condition in which they were found. Groups consisting primarily of children must have one or more adults present at all times. Please see our Meeting Room Policy for more information.

Find Help for People with Disabilities

A wheelchair lift is located inside the front door with stops available on all three floors. The restroom is accessible in the lower level. Large print books and books on CD are available. If you are homebound and live within our service area, you are eligible to use library materials too. We’ll deliver them to your door and pick them up when you’ve finished. Home delivery is also available for short-term illness and accident patients. Call the library to schedule a delivery.

Keep Us Updated

It is the responsibility of the library user to update the library with a change in phone number, address, or email address whenever necessary.

Book Donations & Our Book Sale

The Milledgeville Public Library accepts all book donations, except encyclopedias, with the understanding that books which are useful to the library collection will be retained and others will be used as the library deems best. Many donated books are placed in our ongoing book sale in the lower level where they are sold for donations. This is a great source for building up your home library. All proceeds will be used for everyday expenses at the library.

Support the Library

If you are searching for a way to honor a friend or family member, perhaps on a birthday, holiday, or anniversary, make a monetary donation to the library. If you wish to remember a loved one who has passed away, make a donation to the library. If you would like to be remembered in the community, remember the Milledgeville Public Library in your will.