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Saying Hello

We are excited to announce two new members of the Milledgeville Library team!

Hillary Brunner is our newest trustee; she grew up in Milledgeville and recently moved back to the area. She’s been a wonderful addition to our board already and we’re grateful for everything she’s done and will continue to do for our community!

Gabby Betzer is our new librarian; she also grew up in Milledgeville and comes from a long line of book lovers. She’s got some big shoes to fill but can’t wait to get started and build the library in some fun new directions!

We thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this transition. We’re back to business as usual with some big plans for the coming year! Stop in, say hi, and keep an eye out this spring as we start this new chapter!

Welcome to our Library

Milledgeville Illinois is a small community (population 1,085) located in the northwest region of Illinois. The Library serves the eastern half of the Chadwick-Milledgeville School District (CUSD #399). The Milledgeville Public Library was built in 1923 in the prairie style and erected in memory of an early educator, Mary Fletcher.

Our library collection includes around 10,000 books, DVDs, and books on CD. We also have board games, puzzles, and kits to be checked out. We are able to provide e-books at no cost to our cardholders through a grant from the Illinois State Library. We offer access to e-magazines and e-newspapers. We also supply copy, printing, and fax services. Click the button below to visit our online catalog and search for books and movies. If you’re looking for more than what we have in our own catalog, click on the Interlibrary Loan button below.

The library is equipped with computers connected to the internet with cable internet access. These computers are available to access your individual e-mail accounts and Internet research. Microsoft Word is also installed on our computers. Wi-Fi is also available. Click here for more information about using the library.